An Update on Cider in Oregon

Monday, Cider Riot’s Abram Goldman-Armstrong put 63 hectoliters–nearly
60 barrels–of cider in cans for the first time. Yesterday he had a
media event at his pub and cidery to introduce Everyday Cider and it
made me realize some things have changed since I last checked in on
cider. Time for an update.

Lest we bury the lead, Abe dropped this
remarkable stat that could be inferred,

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A Brand New Blog!

At long last, and with surprisingly few nostalgic glances over the shoulder, I am leaving Blogspot forever. Yes, I’ve embraced parallax scrolling, big, grabby titles, and vivid, full-page photos. Please welcome the new and future site of this here rag:

You’ll see there are a few upgrades. Principally:

Better site architecture.
Better, more elegant layout.
A more

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More on Mexico; A Lupulin Powder Blind Tasting

We have a new podcast for your listening pleasure. The main subject is Mexican craft beer, featuring an interview with Enrique Aceves-Vincent Ramirez of  Guadalajara’s Loba Brewing. We talk about the Mexican market, what it’s like getting started there, and where things may be headed. A great primer for those of you interested in our southern neighbor.

Also on that podcast, a follow-up on my

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Vignette #14: Carlo Grootaert (De Struise Brouwers)

Brewer vignettes feature quotes from brewers I picked up in my travels around the world.

On the origins of Pannepot, the brewery’s flagship.

“I heard that in my family, there were homebrewers at the time—100 years ago. The women were the brewers because the men were at sea to catch herrings. The women made beer in the wintertime on the stove.”

Here Grootaert interjected with a story about

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