Join Me in Celebrating the Joy of Succulents!

Debra Lee Baldwin
Debra Lee Baldwin

Award-winning garden photojournalist and bestselling author Debra Lee Baldwin

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You may recall that I’m the award-winning garden photojournalist whose books launched and helped propel interest in succulents worldwide. But GGW is about general gardening, and I’ve gotten specific. I’m primarily interested in serving a select and savvy group who share my passion for “plants that drink responsibly.” 

Recent “Celebrating the Joy of Succulents” topics include Succulent Windowsill Pots DIY, How Rain Benefits SucculentsHow to Grow Succulents Indoors, and The Secret to Happy Succulents. I also take my subscribers on virtual tours of noteworthy gardens I’ve visited, such as Jim Gardner’s Succulent Showplace in Palos Verdes.

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You’re invited! Subscribe to my “Celebrating the Joy of Succulents” newsletter. 

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