Announcing the Second Edition of Designing with Succulents!

Available for pre-order now. Ships Aug. 27, 2017

When publisher Timber Press proposed a celebratory 10th anniversary, second edition of Designing with Succulents, I figured all I’d have to do is change a word here and there and add a few photos. So I agreed to what seemed like a reasonable deadline—six months. But as soon as I dove into the project, I realized so much had changed that a complete rewrite and almost entirely new photos were in order.

To meet the deadline, I worked 12-hour days and weekends, often in pajamas with uncombed hair, too much coffee, and a dog that needed to go out. With the guidance of a terrific editor—Lorraine Anderson—I ripped the book open, pulled out its innards, rewrote the text, and agonized over the photos. It was so difficult to winnow the selection to 400!

How can I express my pride in this second edition of Designing with Succulents? It’s like birthing a child (except that was easier). It’s my magnum opus. Above all, it’s my gift to you—to anyone—intrigued by these elegant plants and their potential to enhance gardens and landscapes.

And don’t you just love the cover?

The second edition of Designing with Succulents is available for pre-order now. It ships August 27.

Obtain a signed copy from me at the annual Succulent Extravaganza at Succulent Gardens nursery in Castroville, CA (near Santa Cruz), Sept. 22-23; or at the San Diego Horticultural Society meeting Oct. 9. I’m speaking at both events.

The cover of the original edition of Designing with Succulents

Learn more about the book that launched worldwide interest in succulents: the first edition of “Designing with Succulents,” released in 2007.

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Let Home Outside’s App Help Design The Landscape of Your Dream

Julie Moir Messervy is a renowned and beloved garden designer, author and lecturer. She has now become the creator of an app, Home Outside, that enables any gardener to get first rate garden design help at a reasonable price. I’m delighted to have Julie as a guest contributor at GGW. Please welcome her to our community!

Wish you had an outdoor room for living or dining out under the stars?  Need guidance on where to locate a shade tree, a veggie garden or perennial borders?  Want to give your property a face-lift or some curb appeal?

No matter what your needs, Home Outside® makes it easy and fun to get expert landscape design help at a price you can afford. With the online service, Home Outside design experts stand ready to work with you, step by step, to create the home outside you’ve always longed for.

A family landscape

Take the example a young family in a Boston suburb who sought the help of Home Outside designers for their small backyard landscape. The couple wanted to create a space that enabled their young children to play, included lots of colorful plantings along with their small cobble terrace for outdoor eating, and allowed clients to be seen in their charming little cottage/office that sat in the backyard behind the house. The whole family filled out their Home Outside workbook; then our designers created two different designs to share, getting enough feedback to create one final conceptual design the family then approved. We continued to work with them as they selected the plantings and gave them pointers on how to prepare the beds and edge them for maximum effect. The result is amazing—a complete transformation from a bland backyard to a one-of-a-kind Home Outside design that the family loves.



When you have a plan that complements your home and your lifestyle, you can install it in phases or all at once, secure in the knowledge that you have a design that works.

How can we create a personalized landscape design without ever setting foot on your property?

Here’s how:

1. Share Your Dreams

Our easy online workbook walks you through how to submit your property information, photos, ideas, goals, style and preferences., Your designer creates a base plan, studies your workbook, and creates a draft plan and image board for your review.

2. Get the Design You Love

Based on your feedback, your designer creates a colorfully-rendered final design that suits your site, style, and needs. You also receive notes and an image board that explain the elements you’ll need to build your design.

3.  Make It Happen!

Build your landscape yourself or give the design to your contractor to install.  And then enjoy the Home Outside you’ve created!

The Home Outside App

We believe everyone should have the tools to create beautiful landscapes.

So we created the Home Outside app—a mobile landscape design app with functions that enable landscape professionals like ourselves to create on the go and share ideas with clients, yet simple and user-friendly enough for homeowners to mock up their property and try out new ideas.

Home Outside is the only free app that offers users these features:

  • Mock up an entire property in plan view
  • Import map images or property plans as backgrounds
  • Select from over 700 hand-drawn elements to tap and drag into place
  • Sketch tools, notes, and layers
  • Share and edit designs back and forth between users and devices

Tap-and-drag functionality lets you mock up your entire property, not just your veggie garden, with hundreds of useful and fun elements, from trees to pools to paths to chicken coops.

Unlike garden apps that limit users to specific garden shapes and sizes, Home Outside lets you personalize your design to match your real-life yard or the landscape of your dreams. Map your property, import your property base plan background, add descriptive notes, and share your designs with friends. Design for fun, or get more precise with rulers, snap-to-grid, and sketch tools.

Julie Moir Messervy is the CEO of JMMDS, a landscape architecture and design firm in Saxtons River, Vt., creators of parks and residential gardens around the country. She is a distinguished lecturer and the author of eight books on landscape design. Julie has a mission to use digital technologies to bring great design to everyone. She created the Home Outside® online design service and Home Outside® landscape design app to do just that. For more information, please visit

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