My Bra Bird Feeder Video, 12 Million Views?!

Hi, I’m Debra Lee Baldwin, in my garden, with my latest bird feeder made from a repurposed object. 

In case you’re wondering, no, this is not mine. I got it new at a thrift store.

I thought the black would be a good backdrop for the more colorful wild birds.

These are linnets or house finches. 

The male has red on his breast.

Uh-oh, that could be taken wrong! 

I also added some seed to attract bright yellow goldfinches.

And chopped peanuts in the hope of attracting D-cup sized doves.

I’m Debra Lee Baldwin, procrastinating yet again, in my garden.

This one-minute video, which I first made for my Instagram followers, went viral when I posted it on Facebook, and within a week had more than 12 million views!

So far, my two favorite comments are:

“Great video, DeBRA.” And, “This wouldn’t work with my bra. The birds would starve to death.” Few comments were off-color, but several suggested I try to attract bushtits, titmice and boobies. Yes, those are all kinds of birds.

Be sure to enjoy my other videos with bird feeders made from repurposed items, and do give it a try yourself. House finches are quite common and will hop into anything that holds raw sunflower seeds and millet.

Incidentally, the bra feeder was my husband’s idea. He almost never goes thrifting with me, but happened to be along the other day when I was looking for potential bird feeders. He saw a bin of bras, held one up, and asked jokingly, “Would this work?” I laughed, then paused and pulled it back out of the bin where he had tossed it. “OMG,” I told him, “that’s BRILLIANT.”

from Gardening Gone Wild


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