My 2017 Succulent Watercolor Calendar

Aloe brevifolia watercolor

While my garden baked in summer heat, I tackled three indoor tasks: (1) paint 12 watercolors for my 2017 calendar, (2) edit video footage that’s been piling up for YouTube, and (3) clean and organize my office. I finished #1, got halfway through #2, and am still working on #3. Can you guess which I enjoy doing most?

I recently splurged on high-quality watercolor paints, and what a difference! The colors are much more vibrant. Here’s Miss September: Aloe brevifolia. See more.

Aloe brevifolia watercolor

I’ll have a limited quantity of my 2017 Succulent Watercolor calendars at the Succulent Extravaganza at Succulent Gardens Nursery near Santa Cruz, CA, Sept. 23-24. I’m giving presentations both days and would love to see you there!

My calendars and other succulent-themed gift items are available at my Zazzle store. Never pay full price at Zazzle. They charge way too much! I use them because their production values are high and there’s no overhead, leaving me free to paint and design. (I receive 10%.)  Zazzle doesn’t make it easy to pass along discounts, but here’s a 20%-off code to copy-and-paste when you order: HZGUHTNYMVIIMXPRXNIU.

In July and August, I also edited and posted nine new videos on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe if you’d like to be notified the moment a new ones comes out. This is the most popular, and perfect for fall: How to Refresh Overgrown Succulents. 

 How to Refresh Overgrown Succulents

As for my office…uh…hopefully I’ll finish it this week or next. I’m tired of stepping around stuff stacked on the floor!

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