The Year in Pixels

Below I offer a year in beer, filtered through the particular lens of my perambulations. You will note this is a particularly narcissistic series, as the events that dominated the last few months had to do with the book tour. But there’s also a whole lot of All About Beer editor John Holl in here, too. With CBC in Portland, GABF, and me visiting the East Coast, I got to see him more often than usual. Despite that, a pretty good (and mostly universally-interesting) year. See what you think.

Early last year, Alex Ganum captured Willamette Week’s Beeer
of the Year with Engelberg Pilsner.

Niki Ganong released her book.

Espied at FH Steinbart, my local homebrewing shop.

Oregon brewing royalty at CBC: Rogue’s John Meier (l)
and Pelican’s Darron Welch (r)
The Commons’s new brewery receives an auspicious sign.

Birrificio Italiano visits Oregon and the Willamette Valley
hop fields. (Gayle Goschie third from right).

The Beervan Podcast is born. (Producer/beeronomist
Patrick Emerson at the helm)

A typical tableau: a brewpub with lots of kids. (This is Double Mountain.)

I’ll keep posting pictures of Solera’s views until Pete Dunlop
visits the brewery.

Josh Pfriem had a huge year, highlighted by the release of
his Flanders barrel-aged beers.

from Beervana


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