Muertos that Garden? ¡Claro!



I love the culture of Latin America, especially Dia de los Muertos (All Saints Day, Nov. 1). It’s a celebration of loved ones who have passed away and who, one day a year, return to be honored and fondly remembered. Depictions of los muertos show them happily doing things they enjoyed in life, and are a charming, highly collectible folk art. Imagine my delight in discovering beautifully made muertos who garden!

Maria Isabella

I filled Maria Isabella’s basket with succulent cuttings—aeonium rosettes and haworthias—but any kind would work.


Juanito’s terracotta ollas hold tillandsias.

Mr. and Mrs. Muerto and I have an announcement: They’re the first items for sale in my new online shop, just in time for fall decorating, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and holiday gift-giving!

Each sturdy figure is approximately 14″ tall, made of papier mache, and has a base for stability. Price: $29 apiece or $49 for the pair. Supplies are limited. Each item is handmade, so details vary. Plants are not included.

For Thanksgiving, I’ll fill Maria Isabella’s basket with tiny squash or pumpkins. In spring, the Muertos will carry big bouquets of dried flowers. At get-togethers, Maria Isabella will present spicy nuts or hard candies, and Juanito, toothpicks.

Can you help me with ideas for other occasions?

I also may line Maria Isabella’s basket with plastic, add cactus mix and plant it with succulent cuttings. (As with any nondraining container, I’ll water very sparingly.) The cuttings shown here, though not planted, should last a month or more. The tillandsias need semiweekly soakings to keep them hydrated.

Que tengas un día maravilloso en su jardín!



from Gardening Gone Wild


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