3,000 Blog Posts

Let us take a moment to acknowledge a milestone: this is my 3,000th post on Beervana. It precedes another milestone–my 10th anniversary on the blog–by about four months. I was a sprightly 38-year-old when the blog started, and now I am a beleaguered 47-year-old (I’ll turn 48 two days before this blog turns 10). Over the course of those 3,000 posts, the blog has received 13,852 comments (4.6 a post–not bad) and some millions of page views. (I used to use SiteMeter, but it crapped out on me for some reason; Google’s analytics only go back to May of 2010, and since that time, I’ve gotten 2.2 million.)

In the intervening time, social media has appeared and displaced blogging as favored platform for discussion. Print media, which originally eschewed online content, has now co-opted the space blogging once occupied in both high form (with well-reported long-reads) and low form (the word “clickbait” didn’t exist when I started this blog). One therefore imagines that there are a good deal fewer blog posts in my future than there are on the archives. But, until I figure out what, if any, future this site might have, I’ll keep plugging along.

Feel free to blow your noisemakers and raise your pints.

from Beervana http://beervana.blogspot.com/2015/09/3000-blog-posts.html


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