Brooklyn Green Streets

Gardener's street sign, Hope,, Brooklyn

daylilies  -  Greenest block in Brooklyn

I didn’t expect to be taking garden photos when I visited my daughter in New York City, where she lives in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area – a “transitional” section of Brooklyn.  But for years Brooklyn Botanic Garden has been sponsoring The Greenest Street in Brooklyn as a neighborhood beautification program and it’s inspiring.  My camera phone at my side, I could not resist taking photos.

MacDonough street signs - Greenest block in Brooklyn

MacDonough Street signs – Greenest block in Brooklyn

These are tough conditions.  Tiny to nonexistent lots, terrible soil, pollution, dogs, and careless kids do not deter a gardener in Brooklyn, and it proves to me the universal appeal of getting our hands dirty and caring for plants.

hydrangea - Greenest block in Brooklyn

Just seeing these plants in these enough conditions tells us how tough they must be – and how trusting the gardeners must be.

This tiniest of lawns had got to be cut with scissors it seems to me.

tiny lawn - Greenest block in Brooklyn

And the way this bike is jauntily leaning against a fence seems like it could be a rural middle of America scene.


Some gardeners, without any actual front yard, use the stoop on the front steps for container gardening.

containers on stoop - Greenest block in Brooklyn

Along the streets, in the tiny bits of soil exposed for street trees not even big enough for a hellstrip, some gardeners have claimed the space, put up small fences to keep out the dogs, and along one street, I found a series of folksy signs praising the spirit of gardening.

Where Flowers Bloom- So Does Hope

Gardener's street sign, Hope,, Brooklyn

Gardening My Kind of Therapy

Gardener's street sign, Therapy, Brooklyn

To Be Happy For A Lifetime, Take Up Gardening

Gardener's street sign,take up gardening, Brooklyn

I think that about says it all.

from Gardening Gone Wild


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